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Nutricycle is a collaboration between Columbi Farms, SINTEF, and NIBIO. The Research Council of Norway finances the project, which will run over three years.  

Our mission is to find new ways to utilize the nutrients present in wastewater from aquaculture systems to grow plants in vertical hydroponic farms.

Our research partners bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the project. Together, we are working to develop technologies that will enable us to create a de-coupled system that takes advantage of the nutrients from aquaculture systems to grow plants. 

Nutricycle uses an interdisciplinary approach, integrating biology, automation, economic growth, and sustainability in a broad context towards improving the sustainability of land-based fish farms and vertical farms. Our research is an archetype of a resilient and efficient farming system that will be an essential part of food production in the future. 

Thank you for visiting our webpage, and we look forward to sharing our progress with you as we continue to work towards a more sustainable future.

Meet the team

Driven. Curious. Team players 

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