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Truly circular food production 



Nutricycle is an "IPN" project owned by Columbi Farms. The project is a collaboration between Columbi Farms, SINTEF, NIBIO, and The Research Council of Norway. With "Nutricycle", we aim to develop a sustainable food production system where nutrients from land-based fish farms are extracted and made available as fertilizer for agriculture. At Columbi Farms, we aim to produce healthy plants with premium quality year-round. Our vertical farm will have a closed environment where all factors influencing plant growth are controlled with leading technology. 

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Decoupled aquaponic systems represent a cutting-edge approach to sustainable agriculture by integrating aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (soilless plant cultivation) in a closed-loop ecosystem. Unlike traditional aquaponics, where the health of plants and fish are intricately linked, decoupled systems introduce an element of separation between the two components. This innovation aims to optimize nutrient management, increase system resilience, and enhance overall efficiency.

In a decoupled aquaponic system, the fish rearing and plant growing processes are physically divided, allowing for more precise control over each component. The fish waste-rich water is treated to remove solid waste and excess nutrients, resulting in a cleaner and more tailored nutrient solution for the hydroponically grown plants. This separation permits better customization of nutrient concentrations to suit different plant varieties' specific needs, leading to higher yields and better growth rates.


Fridtjof Nansens plass 5, 0160 Oslo, Norge

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